NFlate is a better folder explorer for computer professionals.

You can view the NFlate Version 2 Demo Video on YouTube here:

Note: 2.24.2017:
The only known issue I have found is sometimes opening a folder at startup doesn't work; the fix for this is usually renaming the node on your PC that reads 'This PC' to 'Computer', and then you can put it back to 'This PC' if you desire. NFlate looks for a value stored, and I think this value is not set unless you rename the Computer node.

If you encounter any problems, please email and report the issue so I can help solve it.



Font Selector

The reason I first wrote NFlate back in 2012 is because Windows Explorer (now called File Explorer) does not have a font or font size selector. You can select the font and font size and the Folder View and File View will change based upon your selections. My vision is not as good as it was when I was younger, so this really helps me as staring at a computer all day is hard enough on your eyes.

Help Button

The help button will take you to this page. If you do not find an answer to your question, please leave a note on the Issues or Discussions tab of this project. You may also email me at and I will do my best to answer all questions, but I do get a lot of email so I cannot guarantee a response (a kind word definitely increases your chances).

Up Button

If you have a folder selected in the File View, and it is not the root drive node the Up Button will become enabled. Clicking this button will move you up the folder hierarchy one node.


I am trying to raise money to get my teeth fixed, so this program installs with a picture of my teeth. I am hoping the picture is as disturbing to you as my teeth are painful to me. As much as my teeth hurt, my ego hurts more, as my teeth have affected every aspect of my life. If you make a donation of $10 or more on my Go Fund Me campaign, I will send you a code to hide the image and unlock the search features.

Favorite Projects, Folders and Files

You can drag and drop folders and files you visit frequently to the Project Manager Control (the blue control on the left hand side of the screen).

After you have dropped a file or a folder (called a File System Object in the code), you may select the item and right click to get 3 additional options:

Remove This Favorite

This will remove the item from the Project Manager Control.

Open This Folder At Startup (folders and projects only).

If you select this option, the next time you start NFlate this folder will be selected and expanded automatically. I usually keep the folder c:\Projects selected as my 'Open At Startup' folder, but sometimes I change it depending on what I am working on.

There can be only one (no this isn't a Highlander movie); if you select a folder to open at startup, any other folder you have set to open at startup will be changed. You will see a plus sign (+) next to the folder currently set as the open at startup folder.

Set Display Name

If you want to give a favorite a more descriptive name other than the folder or file name, select this option and enter the display name.

Size The Projects, Folders and Files Section

If you move your mouse cursor over the separator between the Projects and Folders section, or between the Folders and Files section, you can hold your mouse down and drag the splitter to make either section larger or smaller. This setting will be restored the next time you start NFlate.

Professional Edition Features

The search feature is only available if you make a donation of $10 or more on my Go Fund Me campaign:

After you make a donation and Go Fund Me notifies me, I will send you your code by email. Make sure you use a valid email on Go Fund Me, because I will send you a code via email to the email Go Fund Me provides.

I will usually send your code within an hour or two, but I do sleep occasionally, and I have a day job, so the delay could be as long as 8 to 10 hours. If I do not send the code within 12 hours you may email me at


The search features allow you to perform advanced searches to find items on your system.

Search Type

There are 3 options for Search Type:

File Name - File name is the fastest option. If you select this option, the name is checked to see if it contains the search text.

File Text - File text will attempt to read all the text of the file, and then check if the file text contains the search text.

Both - This option will check the file name, and the file text.

File Name is the default option when you start NFlate.

Date Range

There are 4 options for Date Range:

Any Time - This option will return any matching files or folders depending on your search criteria.

Date Range - If you select this option, only items that were created after the From Date (the left date picker) and before the End Date (the right date picker).

Newer Than - With this option selected, only files that were created after the Newer Than Date will be returned.

Older Than - With this option selected, only files that were created before the Older Than Date will be returned.

Any time is the default option. Date Range will show the From and To date pickers. Newer Than and Older Than will only show one date picker.

Search Text
Depending upon your options for Search Type, the search text will be checked against files or folders to see if they contain this value.

Wild Card

Use an asterisk ( * ) as a wild card, and files that match the other search criteria's will be returned in the search results.

f you click Enter while the cursor is located inside the Search text box, a search will be performed just as if you had clicked the 'Search Button'.


To only search certain type of files, enter a semicolon delimited list of extensions to further define your search. I use the following commands at my day job to search our very large project for code:


If you leave the extension blank, all files will be returned that match your search text.

If you enter any text into the Extensions textbox, the Include Directories button will become invisible.

If you click Enter while the cursor is located inside the Extensions text box, a search will be performed just as if you had clicked the 'Search Button'.

Search Button

Clicking this button will begin your search. The first thing NFlate does is attempt to locate all files in the selected folder (the folder displayed in the title bar above the Folder View and File View) and sub folders.

If a search finds 1,000 or more items, you will be prompted to click 'Yes' or 'No' to continue the long search or not. To disable this warning, toggle the Warn If More Than 1000 button to off.

Once a search begins, the user interface will change to display a graph of the progress for long searches.
the Search Results List View will appear and items will be displayed as they are found.

Include Directories

You may toggle the value for Include Directories by clicking the folder that is next to the Extensions text box. When this button is yellow, directories will be included in search results; when grey only files will be included in search results.

If you enter any text in the Extensions text box, the Include Directories button will become invisible and the value for Include Directories is reset to false.

Stop Button

While a search is being performed, a Stop button (the picture of a stop sign with a hand) will appear. Clicking this button will terminate a search. Sometimes you may have to click this button twice to make it stop during a recursive search.

Any results that have already been found will remain visible when a search is stopped.

Reset Button

Clicking the orange circular arrow button will clear any values entered, and return the Search Control to its default state. This will also hide the Search Results Control. This will also clear any previous search results, so the option of 'Search Within Results' will become invisible as well.

Hide Results Button

This is the button that is an eye with a line through it. When you click this button, the Search Results Control will become invisible, and any search results present will be removed. This button will also become invisible as you must perform another search before it is shown again.

Warn If Over 1,000 Items To Be Searched

This is the orange triangle that is the right most button on the search control. Click it to toggle the warning on or off. If it is orange, a warning will be shown if 1,000 or more items were found to search based upon your search criteria.

Search Within Results

After you perform a search and 1 or more items were found, the Search Within Results check box will become visible.

When this option is checked, the next search will search only in the files of the previous results set.

Search Results Control

The Search Results Control will become visible when a search is started.

At the top of this control is a label containing a summary of the items found, and it further breaks down to show files found and folders found.

When you click items in the Search Results Control, the matching item is attempted to selected in either the Folder View or the file view depending on the type of object selected.

Path Text Box

This is the text box above the Folder View and File View controls. When you select this text box, the text is selected to make it easy to copy. All searches will use the value displayed in this text box to designate where to search.

Direct Navigation

If you know the exact path, you may type of paste in the value and NFlate will attempt to open the designated file or folder.

Folder View

This is the tree view on the right of the Project Manager Control (aka Favorites). This control displays your current system, and as you select folders the corresponding files are displayed in the Files View.

Only certain sub folders will be displayed (folders that have been selected); to view the complete list of sub folders for a folder, select that folder in the File View control.

File View

This control is used to display files and folders based upon the selected folder of the Folder View.

Open Files

If you double click a file, NFlate will attempt to open the file with the associated default program.

An example of this is if you double click a text file, Notepad is opened (unless the default app has been changed).

Not all files can be opened with this method.

If you experience any problems installing or funning NFlate, please leave a message on the Issues or Discussions tab of this project. You may also email me at . I cannot promise to response to all emails, but I will do my best. A kind word increases your chance of a reply.

If you like this program, please help me spread the word about it by rating and / or reviewing this project.

If you feel I did not explain anything properly, please send me an email at the address below and explain what is not clear.

To help spread the word about NFlate, I will send a free code to the first 100 people who post a link on any social media site to the NFlate project on Code Plex and / or the NFlate You Tube video and / or my Go Fund Me campaign:

Please email with the link you posted (please put NFlate Free Code in the subject line so I notice it).

NFlate on Code Plex

NFlate Version 2 Demo Video on YouTube

Go Fund Me - Teeth-A-Thon

Thanks for helping me fix my teeth.

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