Project Description
NFlate is a better folder explorer for computer professionals.

You can view the NFlate Version 2 Demo Video on YouTube here:

I wrote the first version of NFlate in 2012 when I had to remote into virtual machines that didn't have graphics cards and File Explorer was difficult to navigate because my eyes are not as good as when I was younger.

I tried to sell NFlate for a few years, but I suck at marketing so I decided to give it away and hopefully raise money to get my teeth fixed. I have worked for software companies for 20 years that thought they were cool by giving me free cokes, and as a result this ruined my teeth.

The free version comes with a picture of my teeth, so hopefully this will encourage you to make a donation. If you make a donation of $10 or more on my Go Fund Me campaign, I will email you a code to remove the picture, as well as unlock the search features of the professional edition.

If you like NFlate, please share it as I need help spreading the word about it. This is a great productivity enhancement and if you tell your boss you will become more productive at work, $10 is pretty easy to talk most companies into buying.

If you have any questions, feedback or a kind word, please leave a message on the NFlate project home on Code Plex.

The source code is available, but it requires a proprietary component I had to buy (Logic NP Folder View and Logic NP File View).

To help me spread the word about NFlate, the first 100 people who post a link to this project and / or my YouTube video on any social media site I will send them a code for free (unless you have a kind heart and want to donate).

Please email me the link at (please put NFlate Free Code in the subject line or I might miss it).

Link to Code Plex:

NFlate Version 2 Demo Video on YouTube:

Thanks for helping me fix my teeth.


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